We are happy to discuss and address your particular needs and concerns on both a technical level and commercial.

Our steel bolted tanks are leaders in the market with superior engineering design and materials.  Tasman Tanks takes pride in selecting the right combination of strength and durability while remaining competitive on price for your specific needs supplied.

Technical Summary:

  • Design-life (structural)   50 years

Proven with over 25 years of designing, manufacturing and installation of above ground storage tanks

  • Hot Dip Galv Windgirders, Compression rings and our Mechanical Ground Anchors

Which aids in withstanding New Zealand’s seismic activity and freak high wind events

  • Galvabond Z600 (600 grams of zinc/m2)

A thick coating of Zinc which reacts to moisture to deter corrosion and has proven self-healing properties against damaged or scratched areas.

  • Polypropylene Liner       15 years warranty

UV-stabilisation and resistance. Very strong – Stretches up to 7 times its original length

Steel Tanks have proved themselves to outlast other materials on the market such as plastics which become brittle over time.

Above ground tanks provide a comprehensive effluent and irrigation storage solution.

»      Avoid water table predicaments

»      Easy addition to the Farm to continue using existing irrigation system

»      Adaptable to equip stirrers, pumps or circulating systems

»      Better environmental containment and ability to deal with sludge

»      Safe and easy installation

Ground preparation and building consent are not included in our works, however our Project Managers are happy to assist and work with you or a contractor to ensure requirements are met.