Impact Sprinklers
EAGLE (TM) Series Rotors
Micro – Quick (TM) Series Rotors
Rain Curtain (TM) Technology


 Impact Sprinklers

Rain Bird impact series rotors dispel the notion that poor water quality means poor performance from your irrigation system. Time and time again, Rain Bird impact series rotors have proven themselves the best investment on courses that require uniform application and labor-saving maintenance while saving energy and water.

The complete family of Rain Bird impact series rotors offers radius ranges from 49 to 98 feet (13,9m to 29,9m) and is designed with features that allow unquestioned performance in meeting the rigorous demands of any golf course layout.


Use the EAGLE 700/750 rotor series in single rows for narrow fairways and rough, or double up to cover more distance.

  • The EAGLE 700 rotor provides a radius of 55′ to 80′ (16,8-24,5m)
  • The 750 has a radius of 56′ to 82′ (17,1-25,0m)
  • Can handle pressures from 50 to 100psi (3,5 to 6,9)
  • Top diameter of 6,25″ (15,9cm) reduces the risk of damage from equipment
  • The EAGLE 700 is a full-circle 360 degree motor
  • The part-circle EAGLE 750 offers 30 – 345 degrees turning range
  • Both versions are available in electric, hydraulic, stopamatic and block (B) models, (with SEAL-A-MATIC (TM) device)
  • Nozzle pop-up height 3.25″ (8,3cm)
  • Nozzle trajetory 25 degrees
  • Threads available in NPT, BSP or ACME 1″ (2,5cm) options

Micro-Quick (TM) Sprays

All Components are protected by UV inhibitors and resist agricultural chemicals

Rain Curtain(TM) Technology

Superior Water Distribution for Green Grass Results
1. Large droplets for consistent performance

Consistently large droplets throughout the stream ensures that the water is delivered effectively – even in windy conditions
2. Effective close-in watering

Close-in watering softly delivers the water directly in front of the rotor without seed washout
3. Even distribution over the entire radius

Distributing the large water droplets from close-in to the end of the radius – shortening water times and saving you money

Rain Curtain (TM) Technology is used by all Rain Bird rotors for Green Grass Results.

Zimmatic Mobile Pivot

Why a Zimmatic Mobile Pivot?

You have dryland fields that could produce more – but wonder if you can justify an irrigation system.
Zimmatic Mobile Pivots make it practical to irrigate in situations where you wouldn’t consider the installation of separate systems. And because they do, you can apply water at just the right time to fields where crops are normally a dryland gamble.

You’re irrigating with solid-set or a traveling gun and you want to cut your time and labour costs.
Compare the ease of moving a Zimmatic Mobile Pivot with the time you spend dragging pipe, and/or pulling hose. Also compare what you gain in ability to control application more precisely and automatically, including the versatility of adding chemicals through the system.

You’re adding or replacing a pivot near other fields that could be irrigated.
Instead of installing a fixed pivot system consider the possibility of using a Zimmatic mobile pivot to handle both your “main” field and for supplemental irrigation to boost production on nearby fields.

You want to spread your irrigation investment over as many acres as possible.
The diagram below shows how a single Zimmatic mobile pivot can be used to handle multiple fields or fields with irregular boundaries. Our experienced staff at Farm Supplies Central Ltd can help you plan a towing pattern to accomplish this for your operation. In addition, we can recommend which of the models will give you the most versatility.

Multi-Field Irrigation

Three Versatile Choices of Multi-Field Irrigation


  • Two-wheel pivot point rotates with the pipeline around a fixed anchor pad.
  • System is always in position for towing in any direction.
  • Fast, easy hook-up, ideal for frequent moves to small fields.


  • Three-wheel pivot point design swivels easily for towing in any direction.
  • Great for irrigating larger fields, up to a quarter section, that are not in a straight line.
  • Held securely in place with earthen or concrete pad anchors.


  • Top choice when pivot point locations are in a straight line.
  • Tongues can be attached at both ends of the pivot cart to simplify back-and-forth towing.
  • Four-wheel design adds stability for towing and provides secure anchoring for reliable operation.