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Read Milking Systems

Read Rotary

Read Milking Systems are kept simple for one reason, reliability. They continue to milk season after season with minimal maintenance.

Rotary systems built from 20 to 100 bails, suitable for most internal and external layouts and platforms.  Read Rotary Milking Systems include mechanical pulsation; their pulsation system is one of the few examples of its kind currently on the market, anywhere in the world.

  • Platform heights, platform speed, and system specifics are designed for the operator while also being designed for cow comfort.
  • Milk Filters top loading or bottom loading to suit requirements and end-user preference.
  • Low maintenance robust milking systems ensuring minimal ongoing costs.
  • No fixed service contracts.
  • Perfect for remote locations as the systems are mechanical.
  • Automation options are available for seamless integration.
  • No shortage of components, we manufacture system parts within our factory.

Rotary Standard Features:

  • Durable galvanised steel bails.
  • Read Pulsators come in 4+0 or 2+2 configuration and have a filtered air system included.
  • Ten-year guarantee for the Read Pulsator Body & Slide.
  • Centrifugal or rotary lobe milk pumps & VSD controllers.
  • Large capacity site claws & stainless-steel droppers.
  • Robust stainless-steel milk lines for longevity.
  • Read Vacuum Systems, liquid ring, blower or oil vane.
  • Large capacity Read receiving cans with clear domes.
  • Large capacity Read milk filters top or bottom load options.
  • The Read designed circuit wash system.
  • Your rotary platform and milking system is specifically designed to suit the herd size and individual requirements.

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Read Herringbone

Available from 8 to 60 bails and suitable for traditional swing-over layouts, as well as double-up and twin-pit dairies.  Read Herringbone systems include mechanical pulsation for consistent milking.  Alternative brands of Herringbones can easily be extended and retrofitted with our technology.  Our Herringbones are designed to suit the heard size and individual requirements.

Standard Herringbone Features:

  • Durable galvanised steel bails.
  • Read Pulsators come in 4+0 or 2+2 configuration and have a filtered air system included. Swing down Jetter systems.
  • Ten year guarantee for Read Pulsator Body & Slide.
  • Large capacity site claws & stainless steel droppers.
  • Robust stainless-steel air lines for longevity.
  • Read vacuum systems. Liquid ring, blower or oil vane.
  • Large capacity receiving cans with clear domes.
  • Read large capacity milk filters.