Williams Travelling Irrigator

The WILLIAMS ‘Super Duper 90/400G’ (3 inch / 1/4 mile) Travelling Irrigator

  • Increase your farm’s pasture production
  • Capitalise on your farm’s available resources
  • Design meets New Zealand’s stringent environmental demands

Specially manufactured to meet an increasing market demand for a travelling irrigator of proven design, with the ability to deliver large volume applications of water/effluent in a wide variety of situations.

Spread your water/effluent with cost effective, world proven system by utilising one of our range of Williams ‘Spider’ travelling irrigators.

Standard ‘Super Duper 90/400G’ Features:

  • Proven trouble free design
  • Strongly Constructed
  • Totally Hot-Dipped Galvanised
  • Stainless Steel Spindle
  • Rewind Handle
  • Super Heavy Duty Winch System
  • Multi Strand Galvanised Winch Rope
  • Hardened Steel Wire Guide
  • Winch Cable Laying Device
  • Triple Neoprene Main Seals
  • Quick Action Pawls
  • Up to 90mm Drag Hose
  • Totally Enclosed Main Bearings
  • Progressive Cam Action for Low Power Requirements for Travelling
  • Low Centre of Gravity
  • Ability to Traverse Wide Range of Terrain
  • Travel Speed – 2-Speed Adjustable


  • Spreading Width: 30-45 metres
  • Extended Boom Length: 8.5 metres
  • Travelling Distance: 400 metres
  • Hose Length: Drags hose 1/2 of travel distance
  • Volume of Flow with 2 x 20mm Nozzles:
    • @ 4-Bar 60,000 litres per hour
    • @ 6-Bar 72,000 litres per hour
  • Maximum Pressure: 6-Bar
  • Maximum Volume: 70 cubic metres per hour