Thermoflush Acid Sanitiser
Thermoflush is a powerful blend of Phosphoric Acid and Glycolic Acid with an in-built sanitiser primarily used for the removal of milkstone in milking machine plants. Thermoflush is formulated for use in third line systems and is non-foaming.
NZFSA approved for use in farm dairies.

– New generation technology
– Dynamic formula ‑ 630g/L Phosphoric Acid and 44g/L Glycolic AcidSuperior non‑foaming
– Unique non‑QAC sanitising system
– Rapid dissolving power on milkstone when compared with conventional acid cleaners
– Will dissolve iron‑oxide more effectively than phosphoric/sulphuric blends
– Excellent in all water types, hot or cold ‑ Number one in hard‑water areas
– Available in 200L quantity



Powerflush Acid Sanitiser
Donaghys Powerflush is a very low foaming acid detergent formulated to clean and sanitise stainless steel and rubber surfaces that have been exposed to milk. Powerflush has an optimum mix of Sulphuric and Phosphoric acid with a biodegradable sanitiser.  NZFSA approved for use in farm dairies.

– Donaghys most preferred acid sanitiser by New Zealand dairy farmers
– Biodegradable sanitiser –  environmentally friendly and not susceptible to microbial resistance
– High strength acid detergent – 210g/L phosphoric acid 120g/L sulphuric acid
– Very low foaming in hot or cold water
– Suitable for all water types
– Modern, trialled acid sanitiser
– Available in 20L and 200L quantities



Protosolv Liquid Alkali is a liquid dairy detergent specifically formulated for the removal of fats and protein deposits in milking plants. NZFSA approved for use in farm dairies.

– High strength chlorinated alkali detergent – 400g/L Sodium Hydroxide and 33g/L Sodium Hypochlorite
– For use as a periodic cleaner
– Low foaming
– Free rinsing
– Excellent soil penetration
– Superior protein and fat removal
– Available in 20L, 100L and 200L quantities



Circomate is a very low foaming heavy-duty chlorinated alkali detergent formulated to clean stainless and rubber surfaces exposed to milk. NZFSA approved for use in farm dairies.

– Ultra high strength chlorinated alkali detergent – 600g/kg Sodium Hydroxide and 25g/kg Sodium Dichloroisocynurate
– Suitable for modern high turbulence wash systems
– Very stable chlorine content
– For use as a periodic cleaner in plant and bulk milk tanks
– Excellent economical bomb-wash with easy to follow instructions
– Available in 20kg quantity





Hypo is a specially prepared solution containing 15% w/v available chlorine. It removes dairy soil from walls, floors and pipe-work and may be used as a booster when mixed with alkali wash through the plant and bulk milk tank.  Hypo  is NZFSA approved for use in farm dairies and C41 approved maintenance compound – non dairy.

– High strength 15% Sodium Hypochlorite
– Excellent concrete cleaner
– Economical in use (mix 1:3 with cold water)
– Superb in breaking down protein deposits
– For use in water treatment including chlorination of swimming pools





UdderMAX is an Iodine based teat sanitiser with Lactic acid to assist in the control of mastitis and maintenance of teat condition in Dairy cows. It’s dual technology combination is NPE, QAC & ABS free.

– The dual active ingredients provide a highly effective bacteria kill.
– UdderMAX contains 10g/L Iodine and 100g/L Lactic Acid.
– The very effective emollient system (a total of 220 g/L which includes 120g/L of Glycerine) rejuvenates and heals the skin.
– UdderMAX is effective in all water types, hard or soft.
– 1:4 or 1:9 mix ratio.
– Available in 20L and 200L quantities





Uddercontrol is a teat spray containing Chlorhexidine Gluconate, for use in the control of mastitis in dairy cattle and as an aid in the control of teat cracking and chapping.

– Proven to be effective against mastitis causing bacteria such as Escherichia coli, (E. coli), Staphylococcus aureus and  Streptococcus agalactiae
– Improved and increased amount of emollient (320g/L or 32%)
– Contains a new generation surfactant to improve the active ingredients’ penetration through the skin/teat
– Contains additional disinfecting agent (ethanol) in an optimum concentration to provide disinfecting properties and not irritate skin
– Friendly on both the operator and the cow
– Available in 20L, 200L and 1000L quantities


Uddermate teat sanitiser is designed to kill mastitis causing bacteria while maintaining teat skin condition.  Uddermate is gentle on both operators and cows and is a very effective teat spray containing high levels of emollient.

– Chlorhexidine based teat sanitiser
– Active ingredient 44g/L Chlorhexidine Digluconate
– Contains 230g/L of Glycerine to aid in the prevention of teat cracking and chapping
– 1:9 use rate will provide excellent kill of bacteria
– Very gentle on operator and cow
– Available in 20L, 100L, 200L and 1000L quantities






Emolan is a teat conditioner specifically designed for cows teats.

– Contains a blend of superior cosmetic grade emollients
– Contains ethoxylated lanolin
– Suitable for adding to all teat sprays






G2 Acid Sanitiser
An excellent cost effective acid for cleaning stainless steel farm plant and equipment.

– High strength acid cleaner with non-QAC sanitiser
– 170g/L of Phospohoric Acid and 170g/L of Sulphuric Acid
– Suitable for all water types
– Pre-mixed low foam formula
– Available in 20L and 200L quantities



Stock Markers

Donaghys Liquid Tail Paint

Uniquely formulated liquid tail paint has been proven for years as reliable tool for heat detection in cows and a practical solution for managing herd mating.

– Six vibrant, highly visible non-fading fluorescent colours – red, blue, green, orange, yellow and pink
– Demonstrates when cows are on heat/ready for insemination
– The oil based paint formula lasts up to 30 days in suitable conditions
– Multiple colours allow you to differentiate failed inseminations
– Easy to apply and a choice of 1 litre bottles with self-applicator brush cap or 1 & 10 litre pails


Donaghys Alert Tail Paint G2

Alert Tail Paint G2 is the end result of a research and development programme carried out in order to produce new generation performance aerosol tail paints.  Alert G2 offers an improved formulation for guaranteed performance to improve mating management without irritation to cows.

– Highly visible, bright colours available in blue, green, orange, red and yellow
– Long lasting with outstanding performance in both wet and dry conditions
– Use to enable better mating management and a concentrated calving pattern
– 500ml cans


Super Sprayline

Super Sprayline is a market leading scientifically developed formulation for use within sheep, lamb and cattle systems to enable better stock management, identification and heat detection.  Also widely used as a multi purpose dairy cow flank and udder marker. Easy to hold non-slip cans with an Easispray nozzle

– Fully scourable meeting all MPI requirements
– Vivid long lasting colours – available in red,  blue, green, yellow, orange and purple
– Can be used in all weather conditions
– Made in New Zealand
– 400ml cans

Agricultural Herbicides

Grunt 600 Glyphosate

Donaghys Grunt 600 Glyphosate is the strongest fully surfactant loaded glyphosate in the world. It is a non-residual herbicide for non-selective control of most annual and perennial weeds and a wide range of brush weeds in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and industrial areas.

Active Ingredient: Contains 600g/L glyphosate as the potassium and triethanolamine salts in the form of a soluble concentrate.

– Fully loaded with environmentally friendly surfactants
– Low application rates
– 5 years research and trial work
– Non-residual, foliar absorbed and translocated herbicide
– Non withholding period, except for ragwort
– Available in 20L, 200L and 1000L quantities



Miscellaneous Dairy

Donaghys Drum Pumps

The Eziaction® drum pump, as its name suggests, is easy to use and has been specifically designed for maximum cleanliness when using bulk liquid drums.  Fits both 100 & 200 litre drums. Suitable for all Donaghys liquid products that do not contain harsh solvents.

  • Superior polypropylene construction – wide chemical resistance
  • True double action pump – continuous fast flow
  • Foot valve holder is secured tightly so doesn’t slip
  • Anti pumping safety device – deters access by children
  • Pumps from base of container – all contents emptied
  • Unique Ezi-action® Adaptor Fittings – leak free, secure fit
  • 24 month manufacturer’s warranty – high quality construction


Rope and Cordage

Donaghys manufacture an extensive range of General Rope and Cordage to suit most applications, from natural fibre ropes to the latest high tech ropes and braids; a wide selection of which are available in store.