Grundfos SQ – The No.1 Submersible Pump

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Advanced technology and unique features put the Grundfos SQ at the forefront of 3 ‑ 4″ submersible pumps.

The Grundfos SQ submersible pumps are designed for pumping clean, non‑aggressive liquids containing no fibres or other solids (pH value 5‑9), primarily raw and potable water.


Low yielding wells
• Built‑in dry running protection

Unstable voltage supply
• Wide voltage limits: 150 ‑ 280V
• Undervoltage and overvoltage protection
• Advanced motor technology prevents starting problems
• Soft start
• Soft stop (with CU 300)
• High starting torque

Bad well conditions
• Excellent sand wear resistance
• Overload protection
• Overheating protection

Low installation cost
• Smaller fuses and cable size due to high motor efficiency
• No separate starter box and motor protection (thermal relay) required
• Drop cable spliced to motorplug (optional), no extra connections or plugs required
• Small and lightweight, fits in 3″ wells

• Replaceable motor cable
• Pump and motor can be separated
• Motor can be dismantled

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Grundfos SP Submersible

To get the right pump, go to the right place. Our Authorised Grundfos Dealers are carefully selected and trained. This ensures that the submersible pump they specify for you will not only meet your requirements but will also operate efficiently and reliably throughout its long life.
Underground water is a vital resource which can be used to sustain life and improve farm output. Your Authorised Grundfos Dealer has local experience and is backed by the world wide resources of Grundfos to ensure you get the right water supply system for your application.

Grundfos SP Submersible Pump Features:
• Stainless steel impellers and intermediate chambers
• In built stainless steel check valve
• Stainless steel outlet for strength and corrosion resistance
• All 4″ pumps have inlet priming screw
• Octagonal shaped, water lubricated pump bearings enabling sand particles to pass
• Easily replaceable impeller wear rings ensure long life of pump

Motor Features:
• Stainless steel motor shaft
• MS4000 motors have high wear resistant mechanical seals
• Water lubricated top bearings ensure long life
• Permanently sealed motor windings prevent water entry
• Water filled motor for internal lubrication and motor cooling
• Designed to protect against up thrust

Operating Conditions:
• Liquid Temperature – 40°C max
• Flow – 0.4m3h to 280m3h
• Head – 10m to 600m
• Operating pressure – 60 bar

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