Milking Parlours

WestfaliaSurge herringbone and rotary milking systems have a well-deserved reputation for quality manufacturing, innovation, reliability and value for money.  Special attention is given to creating a comfortable milking environment for the herd, and an ergonomic design for the operator, so you get the best results from your herd – plus a more efficient system provides opportunities to save on labour.

Rotary – AR1 AutoRotor

The AR1 AutoRotor system ensures a quiet, hassle-free and smooth milking process.  Uninterrupted cow flow results in an efficient working routine and minimum stress for both cow and operator.


  • Concrete Platform
  • Maintenance free nylon rollers
  • Hot dip galvanised steel or stainless steel construction
  • Bolted frame and chassis
  • Heavy duty variable speed drove
  • Electronic rotation control unit with inbuilt safety features


  • Minimum disruption due to slow milking cows
  • Short travel distances for animals and operators
  • Quick group changes
  • Continuous flow milking process
  • Integrated technology



WestfaliaSurge herringbone milking parlours can either be traditional swingover layouts or double-up, high milk line designs.


Milking Equipment

Herd Management