The iFLOW rotary offers unparalleled milking efficiency. The continual loading and unloading of cows every 7‑10 seconds ensures large cow numbers can be milked efficiently with ease.

Animals are not standing in yards for long periods of time waiting to be milked. No cow is held up from leaving the milking platform by a slower milking cow. This process maintains cow flow and efficiency.

Cows are rotated past the operators for cluster attachment and removal. Flexible automation options are easily fitted to the rotary to further decrease the operator workload.

Manufactured in a kit set configuration, the iFLOW rotary is shipped to site ready for installation.

The iFLOW is designed with a subway under the platform where the milking is equipment is installed behind a stainless steel safety skirt. This separation allows equipment to be kept clean and away from the harsh milking environment. With the subway system, servicing equipment is made easy and a clean environment maintained.
With reduced labour requirements, operating costs and total milking   times, the iFLOW rotary is the smart choice and a sound investment for the modern dairy farmer.

  • Kit set design for quick and simple installation with minimal onsite fabrication
  • Installed and maintained by a network of Milfos accredited dealers
  • Superior construction of bail work to enable perfect cluster placement
  • Concrete deck for quiet operation, structural strength and low maintenance
  • Integrated design to suit the iCONVEYER Milking System for easy installation and service access
  • Quiet stress free environment for cows and operators alike
  • Easy to use, Simple to maintain.