iCONVEYER is a fast and highly efficient lowline rotary milking system. Milk is transferred gently from the cows to the receiver before being filtered, cooled and stored in the bulk tank. Low operating vacuum levels ensures cow teat end comfort throughout the milking process. Automation and highly intelligent milking equipment designed and developed specifically for rotaries are key features of the system. With iCONVEYER you can build your system to meet your automation requirements. Our experience equipping rotary parlours of all sizes from 28 to 100 milking points ensures that you get the right solution to suit your requirements.

iCONVEYER KEY FEATURES • Modular design for quick and simple installation with minimal onsite fabrication • Meets ISO standards for milking system design, construction and performance • Installed and maintained by a network of accredited Milfos dealers to meet the standards and guidelines for efficient milk extraction • Extremely stable vacuum due to milk and air separation in the looped milklines • The looped milkline is cleaned with iNTELJET using powerful slugs of wash water down the milk line for enhanced washing performance and superior hygiene • Easy to use, Simple to maintain.